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A fine maiden litter of Cockers

Some bitches are more relaxed than others when it comes to whelping, but few have ever compared to Sadie. No fuss, no nonsense, and the biggest litter of Cocker Spaniels born to our Affix yet!

  • IMG_5Jun2021at112601
With the exception that it was late and dark (which is a given for whelping in our kennels for some reason?!), the transition from heavily pregnant bitch to healthy suckling litter was remarkably short and without event.

Unusually, even the weather was balmy; we always know a litter is coming when another 'storm with a name' is approaching from the Atlantic!
Hari's 100% success rate intact, and the backlog of Reservations virtually demolished, these two stars have opened new opportunities to join the Brynovation Family in the near future.

Reservations are offered, contractually, subject to our Conditions Of Sale, removing the uncertainty of the ongoing volatile market, and ensuring the consistent availability of the highest quality pups from an accredited home.