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A perfect stool!

Following a little trouble in that department, Barry is delighted to demonstrate a near perfect stool sample (not of his own, of course!). As distasteful as it may seem to some, taking an unhealthy interest in your dog's daily dump is insightful to their general wellbeing.

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When you have a number of dogs, spotting a nutritional flaw is far easier than when you have only one. Different dogs succumb at different rates, and some can, seemingly, overcome almost any culinary attack!

Very sinister looking symptoms can be, relatively, innocuous. Mucous, with or without bloody undertones, on a poo, can reflect anything from daily trauma through to protein poisoning, or worse.

It is always critical to consider the defecation product in the context of the dog's overall health. Is it happy? Does it have colour in the gums? Are the eyes bright, and the nose moist? Is the appetite and water intake as expected?
In most cases, the dog has a digestive issue, whether it be short or medium term. Clinical testing is expensive, and often inconclusive. The same as you would do for yourself - live experimentation - is often the route to the best remedy, and is cost effective, conclusive, and rapid.

A change of diet (with some sophisticated thought - consider fat and protein contents or, in severe cases, even try a gluten free alternative) can be the answer, but not always (if the origin is parasitic or something else again).

Of course, Veterinary advice will override all else, and is well sought, but be cautious as to when you make that call - it can be inhibitively costly for an issue that may soon pass naturally.