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Bad BBC publicity for genuine breeders

So much for the supposedly balanced impartiality of the BBC. An article, published today, recklessly uses terminology commonly adopted by legitimate breeders (as well as fraudsters, presumably), without advising readers how they can limit their exposure to criminality.

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This is the article...

Had any real interest been shown in consumer protection, as opposed to self serving, downright dangerous, sensationalisation of a relatively small number of hoax transactions, the report could have pointed the vast readership towards The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme (where both Barry Hutchinson and Gillian Evans are listed as fully inspected, up to date, accredited members) and / or encourage an enquiry of any local Council as to the Licence status of the proposed vendor - 5 Star in our case.

No, you can't currently visit (for obvious reasons). Yes, we do require Deposits (as our demand far outstrips our supply). Yes, our breeding programme remains unchanged (and accords with Coronavirus control regulations). No, we are not thieves. Yes, we are genuine. Don't take our word for it, follow the links above (as the BBC should have encouraged) or, in the old fashioned but nonetheless most effective way, get in touch and use your instinct.

Please share, at your discretion, as loose words could put us out of business in an instant in the current volatile climate.