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Brynovation B...

Tomorrow's easing of lockdown restrictions remain unexplained for dog breeders with pups. Today's position is explained, here, and a further update will follow as soon as there is significant, clarified, change. In the meantime, our last litter distribution of this particular 'round' of rules concluded today, and what a happy affair that was, for all concerned!

  • IMG_16May2021at161644
Amba is the stalwart of our fox red Labrador line, and coupling her with Zac, for the first time, was an easy decision. She was experienced, he was proven, and the results were never in doubt.

Six new Brynovation families were happily initiated, and Stellar took charge of Tilly (to accompany Emee) whom will feature heavily in our future plans.

Another successful litter. Perhaps, the next one might be raised in some form of old fashioned normality?! We live in hope.