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Brynovation C...

Whilst there are certain obstacles to overcome in rearing a singleton pup, they are by far outweighed by the opportunity to spend time with such an individual, and to get to know their prospective human companion, too. Margaux has proved both!

  • IMG_23May2021at142854
From the moment she was born, Margaux was an absolute joy to behold, which was never in doubt being the progeny of Slash by Axl. Her charm was immeasurable, and her development was as you would expect of an only child with doting parents!

But, there was an unforeseen bonus. The definitive allocation of Margaux, from the very outset, allowed a relationship to develop with her human companion, Lesley, not to mention her human daughter, Jess! We can only hope that they enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

Next, over to Ginny...