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Brynovation Orchid is in full bloom!

Great news for wonderful homebred bitch Sadie, and in particular, her Handler, Heather.

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From a relatively young age, Sadie has suffered a number of phantom pregnancies (pseudocyeses) which was far from ideal for her, or her human family.

Amid strong veterinary encouragement towards neutering, I was asked for an opinion and, based on nothing more than experience, was quick to say that having a litter could cure the problem - it certainly has many times before. Thankfully, Heather was of the same opinion.

At her next cycle, she stood well for Hari, three times, and we were hopeful that the union was a success. But, as is always the case, only time would tell.

A worthwhile trip to Canine Scanning South West confirmed a strong and viable pregnancy, this week, and so; Sadie will hopefully be cured of her phantom plague, Hari can celebrate his ninth successive litter without loss, and yet more lucky families can look forward to joining the Brynovation Family!