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Brynovation W...

The dramatic and immediate change in the weather adversely affected Fern's litter just at the point of distribution, but the all too common ill effects of pup diarrhoea were short lived, thankfully, and both humans and canines are all happy once more.

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It was a testing day for all concerned as the Zac sired litter looked sad and tired, entirely the opposite of what they had been for the previous eight weeks in fact!

It happens very easily, and is remedied with a simpler diet and good old fashioned TLC, but when it happens at exactly the moment the litter is due to leave, it is a big call to decide what is best.

The call was made to let the pups recover in their new homes, and they have done so well and truly, which is a delight to report.

All‘s well that ends well, as they say.