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Business as (un)usual; how we will do it

Following recent Government announcements on easing of Coronavirus lockdown arrangements, in England, we have made arrangements for compliance. Please read this, in full.

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Our Reservation system remains as it has been for some years and, consequently, all of our sales are within the scope of the latest advice, specifically, the sale has been contracted prior to any collection visit.

Non-collection visits remain prohibited (but subject to review), sadly, but we will do our very best to continue to be communicative, by all forms of media, broadband width allowing! Above all, we will endeavour to be pragmatic, inventive and flexible.

Those that have yet to make a Reservation with us will, undoubtedly and understandably, be dubious about doing so without having visited us, first. Whilst that remains impossible, investigation of our website and social media outlets is highly recommended - those new to us may even be able to make contact with those that have Brynovation experience, and are already in the Family.
Visits have always been by appointment only, and will remain that way. Please be prompt, but not early (no matter how excited you may be!), as that may cause unnecessary social distancing complexity for us all. The time allocated for each visit will be, strictly, 20 minutes, allowing us sufficient time to reinforce hygiene measures before seeing others.

All congregation will be either outside or in the kennels, and we will all respect the latest social distancing advice. Outdoor washing facilities will be available for hand washing upon arrival and departure. Please note, a toilet will not be available on site; sorry.

We are working in accordance with general Government guidance for businesses, and specific advice produced by The Kennel Club. Please work with us, to ensure that we can fulfil your Reservation within the extraordinary limitations we are currently operating under.