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Strange times, indeed, whatever business you are in, but the kennels must still be served, without fail, and new owners and pups must be united wherever possible.

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Firstly, apologies to anybody that has been contacting us by various forms of media. We showed the required symptoms to self-isolate, last week, and have been struggling to manage between us since. We will be isolated for another week, at least.

We are feeling somewhat better, now, and only hope that we actually had the Covid-19 virus, so that we may have formed some immunity and / or can avoid a second round of it. We will see.
Pet shops have been granted necessary status and, insofar as we can draw any reasonable conclusion from that, we assume that we can continue to operate under that broad umbrella, albeit a slightly more limited service than the Brynovation family have enjoyed previously.

A number of pups left last week (inhospitably I'm afraid), and the two litters of Cocker Spaniels scheduled for the coming weeks will be made available on the same basis.

We wish everybody well, and hope that our dogs can bring positivity and some happiness.