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Covid-19 restrictions latest

Whilst most are heralding the easing of lockdown, including the opening of bars and restaurants from 12 April, the immediate future does not appear quite so simple for dog breeders.

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It would be easy to assume that, having fallen through virtually every regulatory crack in the last twelve months, dog breeders and their clients might at least be able to enjoy the next phase of lockdown easing under the guise of non-essential retail. Not so, unfortunately.

latest guidance issued by The Kennel Club, in consultation with DEFRA, states that viewing of pups should continue remotely, but that final collection may be acceptable, subject to general restrictions on travel.
Currently, that prevents access from Wales and, within England; "avoid making unnecessary trips". With the best will in the World, it would be difficult to sustain a litter visit as being "necessary", particularly when alternative forms of contact are available.

For the time being, our view (supported by the
CFSG) is that we are unable to offer visits to prospective or existing clients, but we will be able to allow collection of pups already allocated prior. In the best case scenario, litter visits will be allowed from 17 May 2021, as it stands.