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Expanded whelping capacity

With a busy Summer planned, and the kennels reaching ever new heights, an additional pair of whelping units was a necessity. But, we couldn’t have expected to be as pleased as we are with the product and service.

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Brexit and the pandemic have made acquiring quality goods and services even more difficult than ever before. It certainly hasn’t been the greatest time to choose to expand our operation, but I‘ve always flown in the face of adversity!

Many suppliers have been suffering supply chain difficulties for materials, and others have just become inundated with the unprecedented demand.

With that as a contextual backdrop, I was pessimistic about the likelihood of achieving our aim of having two new units completed, concrete down and kennels up, before May 2021 (considering that we only conceived the idea during the last week of February).

What I hadn’t foreseen was that my internet based research was about to make our paths cross with John Buchan and his two Sons - Buchan’s Kennels & Structures Limited.
Their website was clear and accurate, and the office staff were informed and helpful on the telephone. Consequently, we rapidly agreed an order, with an optimistic eight week lead time, in the dying days of February.

Bang on time, and with a cheery but professional disposition, the three Buchans landed on the yard, earlier this week, and within a few hours the sturdy and well designed construction was dog ready!

We are delighted with the outcome and have no hesitation in making an unconditional recommendation in relation to every aspect of the Buchan’s business. For those having pups from us, they do a very smart single unit that comes complete - no concrete required, just a reasonably level surface in a small area - perfect for versatile hardy dogs that live both indoors and outdoors.