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Gone to the dogs, literally!

Breeding dogs is like permanently waiting for the metaphoric bus - having watched, eagerly, for a Labrador to come in to heat, two did on the very same day!

  • IMG_23Nov2019at171627
Dam and daughter, Amba and Fern, have both been to the dog this week, following long awaited breeding cycle seasons. The coincidence meant that they have been to two different dogs (the original plan was to put them to the same Stud).

We made the jaunt to Countryways kennels where we introduced Amba to the fantastic Bracken. At the same time, Fern ventured further South to meet Rupert, a handsome proven dog of the renowned Nick Weston (one of the advantages of being a breeder is the brilliant people you get to meet!).
Whilst it has been (and will be) a little hectic, it does mean that we should have a throng of strong, healthy, fox red pups available just before British Summer Time begins!

Reservations now being taken, with the first few slots already filled, so don't miss out. Contact Barry or Gilli to pay us a visit.