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Hari Strikes Again

Pupfest continues with the safe arrival of a strong final litter from AvaHari is, now, well proven, although his genetic colour variation pattern may be worthy of scientific investigation?!


The whelping unit is bursting at the seams with bright young Brynovation progeny just now, after Ava professionally graced the earth with another four of Hari's stunning pups.

Completely by chance (our limited genetic knowledge tells us), Hari has produced two consecutive litters, with two totally separate bitches, of three black and one liver. It is either worth a pound with William Hill to see what the outcome of his third attempt is or, it could be the subject of a thesis for an ambitious MSc candidate!
Existing Reservations will be slashed to less than half a dozen, opening opportunities for others to join the Brynovation family in the foreseeable future. A litter is planned for Red in the Summer, and we are still in the process of developing our plans beyond that.

Be sure to contact Barry or Gilli to discuss your requirements, soon!