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Just the one BIG one!

Technology and veterinary science proved their real importance in the production of Slash's maiden singleton pup, and what a whopper she is!

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It was about six weeks ago when Slash was initially scanned in pup. At that stage, Sharon Pearce of Canine Scanning South West determined a positive pregnancy but, in all probability, only one pup. She advised that, that being the case, a second scan should be performed at about eight weeks gestation.

Sure enough, the second scan confirmed the initial opinion, and we began to contemplate an elective caesarian section, in the best interests of both the bitch and pup.

In consultation with Chase View Veterinary Clinic, the final decision was taken before an emergency was allowed to develop, and a very professional procedure saw the pup safely delivered, and Slash superbly recovered within hours.

Thanks are due to both of our clinicians, without whom we may not have been able to avert a disaster. As it is, Slash will continue to work, and remain in the breeding programme, and her thriving pup will probably be the same size as her when she leaves at eight weeks of age!