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Open for business!

At last, it seems we can welcome people to meet our Dogs, and to see litters in which they have an interest!

  • IMG_17May2021at175450
After more than a year of regulatory treatment that was inconsistent with most other individuals and businesses, finally, we can open our doors (well, gate, but we'll settle for that!) to those discerning prospective pup people that have already committed to a Reservation and, indeed, those that may be considering it.

It was, of course, too much trouble for The Kennel Club to email an Assured Breeder (apologies that the Certificates are out of date; we haven't had new ones of those either, yet!) their latest position (as at 14 May 2021, it appears), but I found it, nonetheless, and will diligently act in accordance with it, as we have done throughout. 

The link is here, and a screenshot is >>>>>>>>>