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Our Facilities

A major drawback, arising from the ongoing pandemic, has been our inability to have visitors. Whilst we keep our dogs up to date online (which is the best we can achieve without a physical encounter), we have never before shared our Assured, Licensed premises.

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Our kennel is very modest by comparison to many, but complies with the rigorous standards set by both The Kennel Club and recent legislation.

Our main block was supplied by Mitton Hall and has proved perfect for us and our dogs. They are robust, comfortable, compact and hygienic - exactly what kennels should be!

The main block, supplied by Mitton Hall

Another excellent supplier, Chicubes, provided our specialist whelping unit, and pup pen houses, which have the benefit of enhanced hygiene and thermal qualities - imperative for strong healthy pups.
The Chicubes whelping unit (above), and pup houses (below)

A twin axle purpose built trailer doubles as a feeding unit, as well as allowing us to get away, from time to time, with all of our dogs at once!

A versatile trailer, both on the yard and on the road

A couple of Mitton Hall singles provide overflow and, if necessary, isolation.
The isolation unit

The whole environment is geared to the safe and controlled socialisation and habituation of young pups, essential to balance optimum physical and mental health against the outstanding genetics we constantly strive for.
Hens help us to secure the development of young pups

A visit will always be the best way of fully understanding how we operate but, in the meantime, we hope this has given some insight.