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PD+ for Red!

The long awaited news of Cocker Spaniel pups is finally here! Following brief but effective cover from Hari (so brief that there was no photograph to share, sorry!), Red has scanned healthily in pup.

  • IMG_15Sep2020at172114

With the onset of Autumn looming, it seems a long time since a litter of Cockers graced the kennels (it isn't, in fact, a litter from each of Ava and Emee were distributed in April, but it has been a long, strange, year!), and we are grateful that they will in about the middle of October, and be settled in their new homes by Christmas.

On top of that, Penny is due in heat imminently (based upon her last showing) and Emee should follow on in late November. 

All in all, it isn't just this Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD) that is positive (+)!