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Pointer 'training', theoretically!

Training a true Pointer is vastly different from training lowland flushing / retrieving dogs. The experience is challenging, but Bria has not beaten Barry yet. 

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In an age when the instinct seems to have, almost, been bred out of our Spaniels and retrievers, the Pointer exudes it from every pore.

Hand signalling a dog on to a blind retrieve at 300 yards is a fascinating art to watch but, in reality, reflects the skill of the handler more than the animal. A Pointer, on the other hand, is driven by pure instinct derived from centuries of careful breeding; the best the handler can do is hone that (where possible!) and further maintain / enhance the gene pool.

Armed with that ingrained knowledge, Barry is acceptant of his limited abilities, and confident that the dog will lead, when she is good and ready. In the meantime, showing her the opportunity to fully establish her own skills is essential, and that is ongoing.

Barry is enjoying it immensely, and Richard MacNicol need not worry about trial competition from him, just yet!