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Over the past few years, we have developed an excellent and fair system for discerning purchasers to reserve their pup. It allows; us to plan effectively, purchasers to relax and enjoy the experience from birth and, pups to go to their new homes at the very earliest opportunity.

How it works is explained, below.

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Once you have decided to become a part of the
Brynovation Family, and have a pup, you will need to make a Reservation. This is because we have a high demand, and our breeding methods are largely natural (and, therefore, slightly unpredictable!).

In order that you are fully protected, and can begin to look forward to your pup coming home, we will issue the final contract between us, at the very start. It takes the form of an Invoice and attached Conditions Of Sale, and the text from this page, all approved by both The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme and Forest Of Dean District Council. The Invoice will state the breed and gender of pup you desire but, please note, we do not accept Reservations on any other basis (such as colour - with the exception of Labradors - or a particular Dam, as examples). If you have yet to visit us when you choose to make your Reservation, your Invoice will be clearly marked "Subject To Final Approval" which will remain your status until we have met (as we must not oblige ourselves to sell a pup to anybody that we have not approved, in person), although your Instalment will ensure your Reservation Position on the assumption that you will be approved when we meet.

The Instalment Invoice will be for a sum equivalent to 50% of the agreed total fixed price of your pup. Your Reservation Position will be secured upon receipt of the Instalment, in cleared funds. The order that Instalments are received will strictly dictate your Reservation Position, hence we encourage immediate settlement, to avoid disappointment.

Reservation Position
We will discuss your likely Reservation Position with you, prior to you actually making a Reservation. For example, we may say "as it stands, you will have the choice of the third Cocker Spaniel dog born". Once your Reservation Position is confirmed, nobody else will be able to reserve before you.

This website will provide some updates as to service of bitches, scans (if we opt to have them), and other litter information. If at any point you require additional information regarding your Reservation, please contact Barry.

When a litter is born that is likely to fulfil your Reservation, we will contact you directly, although it may not be immediately after birth as things can change during the first few days, and we would not wish to cause undue upset.
'Mothering Up'
Whilst our pups are notoriously strong and healthy, the first days of a pup's life can be precarious. To give the Dam and litter the very best chance, we do not allow any visitors until the pups are two weeks of age.

Once 'Mothering Up' has passed, you are welcome to visit as often as you wish (within reason!) during the pup's development. This enables a special insight to early life, and is great for pup socialisation.

Veterinary Check
At about six weeks of age, the pups are thoroughly health examined by
our Vets and (hopefully) certified as fit to leave for their new home as soon as they are old enough.

Invoice Balance 
Once a satisfactory Veterinary Check is obtained, we will forward a second Invoice for the agreed 50% balance, and invite you to make arrangements for Collection, once that is settled.

At our discretion, sensible arrangements are made, in the order of Reservation Position if at all possible, for Collection. Pups are chosen at Collection, and not before (because things can change for the litter, and we wish to minimise undue upset). We will provide whatever assistance we can with your choice but, from experience, the reality is that you will be delighted with whichever Brynovation pup you choose, and they will become everything you ever hoped for.

We make pups available for Collection from when they attain eight weeks of age. We can accommodate thereafter, but entirely at the Purchaser's risk.

Skip Over
Occasionally, we have been challenged with a very specific wish (such as a red Cocker Spaniel bitch, for example), which we are not contractually obliged to provide, but are ever willing to try to facilitate. In those circumstances, if what you 'want' is not available at your current Reservation Position, you may opt to Skip Over (not take a pup on that occasion), leaving your Instalment in place, and being in an enhanced Reservation Position for next time.