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Speckles of Teckels

Great news as Rose scans in pup for her final litter before joining the pack full time! Sunsong sire, Foxy, has done it again, and the pups will be fantastic for sure.

  • IMG_13Oct2020at175530

It seems but a moment since Barry ventured deep in to the Angus Glens to collect Rose and Axl, as young pups, from Richard Bridges-Price. And yet, suddenly, Rose‘s breeding career is ending and Axl is a senior amongst his peers! Time waits for no man, I believe is the proverb, and indeed it is correct.
But, the positive side to that is the ongoing wonderful evolution of all things, including the maintenance, enhancement and improvement in our genetics, and the exciting prospect of Teckels not yet even born! 

To be continued...