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Web Relaunch

Following a period of absence, we are delighted to announce the relaunch and rebirth of our dedicated dog website;

IMG_1772 copy

It has been a testing and uncertain 12 months, and not just in Brussels! New legislation, in April 2018, meant that we either had to pack up or crack on. After much deliberation, we opted for the latter (was it ever really in doubt?!) and have been rewarded with a top notch 5 Star Breeding Licence, just last month.

Having invested heavily in our facilities, procedures and dogs, the final phase has been honing our marketing, and this website is the fruit of that labour. It embraces the very latest interactive technology and enables you to keep up to date with us, on any device, anywhere, without stodgy page loading and unnecessary clicks.
We will be proactive in posting, blog style, so please do make a point of checking back in with us, from time to time.

Whilst we have delivered the content (so there is nobody else to blame for that!), we wish to extend our thanks to Guy Woodland for providing an excellent, stable platform, and for supporting us these past weeks whilst we have been navigating through it, and filling it up.

We hope you enjoy our 'feed' and that you get even just a fraction of the enjoyment we do, from training, working and breeding these fantastic dogs. Long live Brynovation Gundogs!