Who to avoid...

No balaclavas or swag bags to help you, sadly! In fact, many involved are otherwise normal people, living in nice houses with reassuring families, but that does not detract from their involvement in the illegal pup business, no matter how genuine they may appear.

Are they Licensed?

The new animal welfare legislation of 2018 made it very simple for buyers to recognise properly regulated breeding professionals. Effectively, EVERY seller of pups in England should have a Breeding Licence from their Local Authority, and display it in their premises and on their website. The Local Authority have done the hard work for you, so the message is simple; if they don't have a Licence, don't visit! Most online platforms for marketing pups have a filter so that you can see only the pups from Licensed breeders - use it and be sure to see only the #goodpuppeople

"if they don't have a Licence, don't visit!"